I Christian Hasucha

The Island

7,8 to 7,31,2006, Donau-/Corner Erkstraße

artistic career


I Eva Hertzsch and Adam Page
  with Internationaler Bund BZ Neukölln

Play'n Win 44

6,21 to 6,27,2006, Hermannplatz. Opening on Wednesday, 6,21,2006, 18 h

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The Mayer dossier (Part 2)

Performance by "Freie Spielleute Berlin-Neukölln 1920 e.V."
on Saturday, 7,1,2006, 13:30 h, from Richardplatz

artistic career


I touring the city

Common guide at Sunday, 7,23,2006, 11 h
Meeting point: Karl-Marx-Platz (please ride by bike)

artistic career


I Tatzu Nishi (alias Tazro Niscino)

The Clock

July to August 2006, underground-station Wutzkyallee (Line U7)

artistic career


I Veronika Kellndorfer


7,13 to end of August 2006, Hufeisensiedlung (Fritz-Reuter-Allee, Britz)
Opening at Wednesday, 7,12,2006, 20 h
Saturday, 8,12,2006, 11 h: Führung across the Hufeisensiedlung together with Hendrik Tabaczynski
(Meeting point Fritz-Reuter-Allee 46)

artistic career



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