Curriculum Vitae is a collaborative project between Markus Ambach and Andrea Knobloch. Since the project's founding in 2002 they have worked on the theme of art in the public space or in the urban social context by offering discussion in the space of social activity and by committing themselves to local political issues. Their overall aim is to create artworks which subscribe to the public space, consciously becoming a new and responsible part of it.
Markus Ambach
1963   born in Darmstadt
1984 - 1987   Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach a.M.
1987   Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
1988   Travel grant
1990   Meisterschüler
1991   Risch-Art-Preis, Munich
1994   Award for Fine Arts by the Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf
1998   Residency in Lisbon
    lives and works Düsseldorf
seit 2002   wildlife - a garden of and for artists, Neuss, 2002/2003/2004, a gardenproject, info:
seit 2003   wg/3zi/k/bar club in the Kunstverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf, info:
Andrea Knobloch
1961   born in Hamburg
1987 - 1993   Studied Fine Art, staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf,
Meisterschülerin of David Rabinowitch
1994   Award for young artists, by the Bundesland NRW
Award for Fine Arts, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Wirtschaft
1996   Travel grant (New York), Bundesland NRW
1997   Scholarship, Kunstfonds e.V. Bonn
2000   Scholarship, Forum Stadtpark, Graz
2002   Project grant, Kunststiftung NRW
    lives and works in Düsseldorf
1997 - 2000   New York Security Mini-Storage Project, mobiles Ausstellungsprojekt
seit 1998   infection manifesto, periodical + archive for art + public,
seit 2003   rundkino_revisited,
2004   Blume 2004, a project in the sequence Stadtbild. Intervention in Pulheim/Cologne,



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