I Andrea Knobloch

The Luck is in the Streets (II) (won't realized)

I touring the city


I Christian Hasucha

The Island


I Eva Hertzsch and Adam Page

Neukölln World


I Hans Winkler

The Trailer, 'Last Exit 44'



Missing - Norbert Mayer


I Ingo Gerken

Being on a Billboard (won't realized)

Brothers in Mind


I Matthias Schamp

Partly flooded Gropiusstadt (won't realized)

Botanical Nature Trail of Karl-Marx-Strasse


I public works



I Roi Vaara

Beautiful View of Waiting


I Schumacher & Jonas

Decorating (won't realized)

City Gate


I Tazro Niscino

Gang - Project (won't realized)

The Clock


I Veronika Kellndorfer



I Wochenklausur

Discussion on Demand (won't realized)



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