ILAP: The Mayer Dossier (Part 1)

Exhibition in the foyer of the Saalbau Neukölln






A Meridian In Neukölln


For over 15 years Norbert Mayer has done research into the sound landscape of Neukölln: In the context of a long-term study he meticulously examines the 'natural' sounds in the area of Neukölln. In the context of this complex research project he uses methods borrowed from geophysics (electromagnetism, seismology), from geography and from cosmology. The Foundation for Scientificness (GdW) from Amsterdam is proud to now present here a selection of results from Norbert Mayer's research.

After conducting surveys and analysing sounds he has come to the conclusion that the sounds are connected to each other in a broader sense, because he has observed a regularity in their pattern and flow. He has tracked the sounds back to their origin and located their source. In this way a geographic line has emerged connecting the originating sites of the sounds, which runs a course similar to a meridian line, i.e. from the south to the north of the area.

These results are of great importance for the citizens of Neukölln, and especially for those who live close to the sound sources. In addition we, as GdW, are fascinated by Mayer's work. Therefore we have decided to help in publishing his findings and presenting his research data. In the text which follows, Mayer's (occasionally bizarre sounding) research methods are described.

Mayer's research project is based on substantiated scientific investigation, and the results can be associatively connected so that a logical general view becomes clear, which is not only of importance for Neukölln, but for the entire world.

The presentation was set up at the Foundation for Scientificness (GdW) in Amsterdam. We would like to thank all participants for their help and support.

Specifically we thank the Berliner Wasserbetriebe; Muco; Viola Heutger; Yvonne Scheffler and Christa Duenger.



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