Ingo Gerken



The original idea → 'Being on a Billboard' will not be realised since no turning prism billboards could be made available.



Ingo Gerken

Ingo Gerken
(born in 1971)
lives in Berlin
Brothers in Mind

The public seating in Neuk├Âlln will be slightly enhanced through classic design: Selected masterpieces of sitting culture will be anchored beside more practical urban furniture. The ensembles of chairs will move each other into a new realm of urban-aesthetic awareness, offering a place for both user and connoisseur.

The sophisticated docking manoeuvre which fuses noble interior design with street culture and in outdoor-conditions will not be without consequence for either party. Set up as consciously casual everyday chatting and resting platforms, the subtle dialogue of the practical sculptural object will be somewhat lost to the mainstream of passers-by. The quiet rendezvous of two worlds-of-will-to-design on the one hand reflects discrepancies between the ideal and the real, and between following form and following function, and on the other hand highlights specific theoretical and practical problems concerning art and the public space. The juxtaposition and mutual cooperation of fragile high-culture and the robust average lead to the only useful conclusion: no matter what, the behind is the receptor and the public space expands to where it more or less already sits, which is between all chairs.



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