Hans Winkler



Hans Winkler

Hans Winkler
(born in 1955)
lives in Berlin
The Trailer, 'Last Exit 44'

Just as public art requires its space, should public spaces also be given their own space?

The Project
The initial idea for the 'trailer' is based on stories about the Neukölln area - stories which are written, narrated, or delivered by word-of-mouth. The script will style itself after the crime film genre, featuring the structure of a thriller. Intensive detective-like research in the Neukölln area will be necessary to set the "trailer" most accurately.

The variety of means and methods to carry out the project will correspond to the conditions of the given locations.

Stories about the area tell us about everyday and remarkable events, about crime stories (assault and murder), and other incidents both absurd and exciting. These go all the way back to the time of the Räterepublik, to Erich Mühsam and to the events of 1st May 1929. I will pursue all these stories and bring them together in the script as seen through the eyes of locals.

Work and Presentation
Each scene of the script will be acted out by the people of the neighbourhood and by passers-by at the specific sites, and will be videotaped and photographed. The final edited 'trailer' will have a length of approximately 2 minutes.

The presentation will take place in cinemas in Neukölln as well as other venues throughout Berlin. Additionally, a poster advertising 'Last Exit 44' - resembling a classic film poster - will be displayed in cinemas and throughout the streets of the city.
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Der Trailer - Letzte Ausfahrt 44 I Standfoto von den Dreharbeiten für den Spielfilm Hans Westmar, 1933

Standfoto von den Dreharbeiten für den Spielfilm "Hans Westmar", 1933
(Die Szene zeigt eine Auseinandersetzung zwischen SA und Kommunisten)

Der Trailer - Letzte Ausfahrt 44 I 1.Mai 1929: Unruhen am Hermannplatz

1.Mai 1929: Unruhen am Hermannplatz
(Polizei treibt Menschenansammlungen mit Gummiknüppeln auseinander)



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