public works together with Nicoline van Harskamp: Neukölln Express




public works offers a communication system which tries to revive a long forgotten way of public life: selected areas in the public space are transformed into meeting points. From these points news, stories, messages and rumours can be spread. A local "messenger" takes over the moderation and the transmission of the news to each station.

5th - 30th of September 2005
Sites: Maybachufer/Höhe Hobrechtstr., Weichselstr. 16, Sonnenallee 132, Weisestr. 48, Jahnstr. 68+70 and Johannisthaler Chaussee/ near U-Bahnhof






Sonnenallee 132








Jahnstraße 68+70




Johannisthaler Chausee/Höhe U-Bahnhof



Pictures: Stefan Saffer



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